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Parent Engagement Survey 2017-2018

Posted Date: 08/13/2018

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Each school in the Nettleton School District asks parents to complete surveys at the conclusion of the academic year to get opinions on the effectiveness of our schools.  Even though survey questions differ based on grade levels, these are the 5 key questions that are included to help us know how we are doing.  Here are the answers from our parents.    

1.  Do you receive adequate information regarding your student's academic progress?      90% of our parents answered yes.

2.  Does your student receive academic support/counseling if and when necessary?                    89.5% of our parents answered yes.

3.  Does Nettleton School District provide a safe environment for our students?                       97.8% of our parents answered yes.

4.  Do you feel welcome when you visit your student's school?                                                    95% of our parents answered yes.

5.  Does your student's school encourage parent/guardian involvement in school-related events?                                                                                                                                   89.5% of our parents answered yes.

We thank our parents for completing the surveys and for their support in helping us reach our goal of making every year the best one ever in preparing our students for the future.

                                 GO RAIDERS!