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Daily Schedule

Peggy Gipson’s Classroom Schedule 2018-19


7:50-8:05 Daily language, daily news, roll, lunch count, roll

8:05-8:35 Walk to read

8:40-9:10 Morning block-Monday-Computer lab, Tuesday-PE, Wednesday-library, Thursday-Key classes, Friday-PE, be sure and wear tennis shoes on Tuesday and Friday

9:10-10:20 Reading, language arts

10:20-11:05 Science

11:05-11:45 Lunch

11:45-12:00 Switch classes,bathroom break

12:00-1:20 Reading, language

1:20-2:05 Science

2:10-2:50 Afternoon block, Music, Technology, PE, Spanish, Makerspace, Art, Choice

2:55-3:05 Switch classes, car riders and Camp Raider are dismissed

3:10 Bus riders stack chairs, go to gym, bus riders will be dismissed from gym









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