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Lesson Plans 10/31 to 11/4

Lesson Plans week of 10/31-11/4



Monday (10/31)

            New list of spelling words (contractions); discuss text structures with emphasis on cause/effect; continue narrative writing


Tuesday (11/1)

            Continue discussing cause/effect in nonfiction (partner work for practice-check as whole group); continue narrative writing


Wednesday (11/2)

            Briefly review cause/effect and text structures; students work in small groups to read the first half of the story Ten Mile Day; students will work together to answer discussion questions about story as they read; continue narrative writing


Thursday (11/3)

            Finish discussion questions from previous day (if needed); briefly review first part of story; read second part of story together (independently answer discussion questions); begin publishing narrative writing


Friday (11/4)

            Briefly go over discussion questions from previous day; read story again-this time focusing on vocabulary words-students use graphic organizer for definitions/context clues; finish publishing narrative writing