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Weekly Information

Week of: Jan. 20-24, 2020

Story or the week:So You Want to Be President?

Skills:Main Idea and Details, Inferring, Argument/Persuasive Essay, Unknown Words/Vocabulary, Plural Possessives, Dictionary/Glossary, Words with ear, ir, our, ur

Vocabulary Test will be Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

Tested Vocabulary: 

constitution:the written set of fundamental principles by which the United States is governed; document stating a system of laws. 

howling:very great; tremendous.

humble:not proud; modest.

politics:the work of government; management of public business. 

Responsibility:the act or fact of taking care of someone or something; obligation; duty

solemnly:seriously; earnestly; with dignity. 

vain:having too much pride in your looks or ability; prideful. 


Spelling Words

  1. return
  2. courage
  3. surface
  4. purpose
  5. first
  6. turkey
  7. heard
  8. early
  9. turtle
  10. birthday
  11. journal
  12. courtesy
  13. nourish
  14. purse
  15. furniture
  16. search
  17. curtain
  18. burrow
  19. hamburger
  20. survey

Challenge Words

  1. turquoise
  2. absurd
  3. furthermore
  4. flourish
  5. nourishment



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