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Weekly Information

Week of: Dec. 9-13, 2019

Story or the week:The Man Who Named the Clouds 

Skills:Graphic Sources, Action and Linking Verbs, Multiple Meaning words, Context Clues, adding -ed, -ing, Vocabulary.

Vocabulary Test will be Thursday, December 12th, 2019. 

Tested Vocabulary: 

Apprentice:A person who works with an expert to learn a job. 

Atmosphere:gas that surrounds Earth; the air in a certain place.  

Chemical:a substance formed by other substances acting on each other. 

Club:A group of people with a common interest. 

Essay:a short piece of writing that gives the writer’s ideas about a certain subject. 

Manufacturing:making goods by hand or with machines. 

Pressure:The force of one thing pushing against another. 

Scales:the hard pieces that cover animals such as fish. 

Spelling Words

  1. watched
  2. watching
  3. danced
  4. dancing
  5. studied
  6. studying
  7. stopped
  8. stopping
  9. dried
  10. drying
  11. happened
  12. happening
  13. noticed
  14. noticing
  15. robbed
  16. robbing
  17. slipped
  18. slipping
  19. hurried
  20. hurrying

Challenge Words

  1. answered
  2. answering
  3. magnified
  4. magnifying
  5. interfered  



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