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Weekly Information

Week of: March 2-6, 2020

Story or the week:Encanto: Pink Dolphin of the Amazon

Skills:Compare/Contrast, Summarize, Kinds of Pronouns, Amazing Words, Multiple-Meaning Words, Context Clues, Final Syllable Patterns.  



Tested Vocabulary: 

Aquarium:Building used for showing collections of live fish, water animals, and water plants; fish tank. 

Dolphins:Any of numerous sea mammals related to the whale, but smaller; have beaklike snouts and remarkable intelligence; marine mammals. 

Enchanted:Delighted greatly; charmed; magical. 

Flexible:Easily bent; not stiff; bending without breaking; stretchable. 

Glimpses:Very quick looks; brief views. 

Pulses:Regular, measured/rhythmic beats. 

Surface:The top of the ground or soil, or a body of water or other liquid; outer edge. 


Spelling Words

  1. chicken
  2. eleven
  3. brother
  4. jungle
  5. natural
  6. together
  7. calendar
  8. needle
  9. several
  10. summer
  11. threaten
  12. caterpillar
  13. paddle
  14. animal
  15. pitcher
  16. shelter
  17. oval
  18. frighten
  19. mumble
  20. deliver 

Challenge Words

  1. strengthen
  2. binocular
  3. individual
  4. cubicle
  5. character


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