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Lesson Plans

 Third Grade Weekly News

March 3rd-6th




This week in math, we will learn about equivalent fractions. 


Language Arts

L.3.4.D, L.3.2.D, 

ELP 2-3.10


Look for the practice study guide coming home on Thursday!

Skills: parts of speech, quotations, dictionary skills,tyes of sentences, and changing verb tenses. 

*New skill this week! Using commas in an address. 


CCSS# (3.LS3.1, 3.LS3.2,3.LS4.2)


We will continue to learn about animal traits.   We will discuss how environment and variations of characteristics aid in survival and reproduction. We will also learn how animals inherit traits from their parents.  


Grades will come from Mystery Science Labs and activities.   


RL.3.1, RL.3.3, RL.3.4, RL.3.9, RI.3.2, 



RF.3.1, RF.3.2, RF.3.3, 


Spelling time will be used to focus on skills we need to review for our state testing!!!

Social Studies


This week we will discuss what we can do to help our local Humane Society. We will make posters to help our school learn what they can do to help this company. 


Friday:  Weekly Math Quiz

                  Language Quiz

Reading grades this week will come from daily activities based around Dr.Seuss books.



Try and have your child read to you.

Check your child’s folder daily. 


March 16-17; Talent show try-outs (information will come home soon). 

March 31st-Media Night/Science Fair

Adamson / Marchand/ Perkins / Russell / Tyree