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AMI Lesson Plans

Dear Parent or Guardian,

As you know, these are unprecedented times.  We are treading new waters in the area of educating your child from home.  In this letter you will find information pertaining to the upcoming AMI days for your child.  Please read this carefully.  And,  we want to thank you for patiently working with us through the next few weeks.

*Please check the PDF attached to this email to find the AMI work students are to complete for the week of April 7-10.  Your child should start this work on Tuesday, April 7.  The first 10 AMI days will last until Monday, April 6.

*Also, on my teacher webpage is a video tutorial on how to access the PBS Learning Guides on the PBS website. This is the link for the PBS website for the AMI Days:

*There are several choices for each subject for your child to pick. Some learning opportunities want your child to make a chart while others might want you to draw a picture or write out an explanation. Have your child look over the proposed learning opportunities.  Your child needs to

      -choose at least 2 -3 Science learning opportunities for the week

      -choose at least 4-6 Literacy learning opportunities for the week

      -choose at least 3-4 Math learning opportunities for the week

*Each week your child’s work will be submitted to their teachers’ Google Classrooms.  Below are the codes for your child’s teachers’ Google Classrooms by subject.  Please submit pictures of drawings, work, and/or writings to the appropriate teacher.  These will be your child’s proof of completed work.  

Mr. Huff’s AMI Science Google Classroom Code: 6p2aflc

Mrs. Johnson’s AMI Math Google Classroom Code:  g6cyj5u

Mrs. Murphree’s AMI Literacy Google Classroom Code: hxtbjoo

*Remember, by completing the work above students are essentially showing that they have been counted present for the school day. If a problem arises that keeps your student from completing the work, please email us with the issue so we can work toward a solution.

If you have any questions about uploading documents or completing the work itself, feel free to email during normal school operating hours. Our email addresses are listed below.

 Again, thank you for your time and effort and support during the next few weeks as we all come together to work our way through this.  You are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Mrs. K. Johnson